Czech Republic

Wine Region: Moravia

Appellation: Znojemská

Trpělka & Oulehla Wine Cellars

Every wine grower who grows his own grapes and makes wine from it, must have a deep relationship to this noble plant; a relationship which is not just ordinary. Ahead of you awaits a long, physically demanding yet beautiful experience thru all four seasons. Anything that you cheat on or neglect during this path will be recognizable.

On top of all your efforts is Mother Nature herself with all her twists beyond our control.  There is nothing to do but wait to see what she has planned for us this year. These are the two sides of one coin; the trust of the winemaker in his abilities and the respect for the inevitable.

In the year 1991 Mr. Vaclav Trpělka established a private wine production, and with the help of Mr. Luboš Oulehla began the hard, honest work which has brought them to their current   28 ha of vineyards. Both owners believe that doing one’s work with love and care, brings a reward in the grapes and then the final product – wine. The newest technology in production such as controlled fermentation and all the following steps thru the genesis of mature wine are a given in this wine cellar.

The villiage of Nové Bránice lays just 1km from to the proud wine town of Dolní Kounice whose winemaking roots date to the 12th Century. Wine was introduced here by the monks of the Rosa Coeli monastery and thanks to the local soil supported the climate the region it became known even beyond Czech borders. The local gravel based hills gave birth to the non- replicable Blaufrankisch wine.

Other local single-grape based reds are: Modrý “blue” Portugal, St. Laurent, Zweigelt, Pinot Noir and André. For lovers of white wine the local vineyards can offer great varieties of:  Müller Thurgau, Green Veltliner,  Pinot Gris, Chardonnay or, Sauvignon Blanc.

The poof of quality work is reflected in its price variety and through the awards received at both local as well as international competitions (such as the Valtické vinné trhy, VINEX, VINOFORUM, SAUVIGNON FORUM…).

Now come taste the honest wines which are full of sun that will warm you up.

Wine makers Trpělka & Oulehla